Sunday, November 10, 2013

DIY T-Shirt Quilt (kind of) Tutorial- From Old Scooter Rally Shirts

Have a lot of shirts you never wear anymore but are somewhat sentimentally attached to? Are your winters kind of cold? Make them into a t-shirt quilt!

 Here's what you'll need:

§  About 20 old t-shirts
§  New fleece blanket (I used a 60 x 80 throw from ROSS) (It’s soooooo soft)
§  Rotary cutter (one with a really sharp blade… see photos to come)
§  Cutting mat
§  Scissors (see above)
§  Neutral colored thread (I used cream and it didn't show through the gray)
§  Quilting grid (they’re around 20 bucks but it’s a great investment)
§  Lots of Straight pins
§  Sewing machine
§  Iron and ironing board

First, cut all of your shirts along the edge seams. You'll end up with 2 piles- fronts and backs. 

I laid out the back of the quilt (the fleece blanket) on my bed and folded all the fronts to get an idea of what the quilt was going to look like. 

Next, use your quilting grid and mat to center your first block then cut out the center graphic of your shirt. You might want to keep the rest of the shirt front for the accent strips. This quilt was so improvised that I changed placement a few times and needed more strips than planned.

You're fired, old rotary cutter.  

Welcome, new awesome rotary cutter! 

I then laid out the border and most of the accent strips. The scooter fabric is called "The British Are Coming" and I love it. Here it is on eBay

Pin the first two pieces together, front sides touching. Pin on the next piece of your block, and continue sewing and pressing until your block is built. Tada! Here's the first block. 

And the first row of blocks! Pat yourself on the back now. Keep sewing the other 3 rows like before.

Iron the big front part of the quilt and pin the top and bottom parts of your quilt together.  Now you can mark out your quilting pattern. You can use quilting tape or a chalk pencil. I opted for a chalk pencil. 

Start from the center so it doesn't bunch. It will look like a mess of fabric, but it works. 

I needed some tissue paper between the foot and some of the stickier logos. 

 Looks pretty rad, right? It's time to cut off the excess fleece blanket and make sure your quilt sides straight.

Now sew on the edging and tada, it's done!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Floral Design- CCSF

Haven't seen me at a craft fair or out and about for a while? San Francisco City College Floral Design classes have started! This is the kind of instant creation I'm used to while the Landscape Design course is more on par with the formulas and theory in practice of music school. Both require a lot of practice. Here are the latest boutonnieres I've made from wild-crafted flowers and foliage from Buena Vista Park. 

Summer Head Boutonniere

 Fall Boutonniere
 Spring Boutonniere
 Winter Boutonniere
 SF doesn't really have seasons Boutonniere
 In class use of extras- free design boutonniere
 5-flower triangle boutonniere

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Talking Trees, Seeing Stars

Here are what the Talking Trees and Seeing Stars books look like before I turn them into wallets:

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


"I've abandoned my BLOG!" - Daniel Plainview circa 2012

Alright, that was bad. I've been steadily job hunting in the music industry to no avail; sending emails to black holes, skimming the edges, getting call backs, and even making it to the 2nd interviews but, ultimately, they hire from within and it's, almost always, a new position that is a combination of two jobs put into a single title for near the same pay as the previous position. Ugg. 

In happier news, wallets are awesome, the band is awesome and growing, and I got accepted into a Landscape Design program. My 2013 will go a little like this: road trip, scooter trip, work/school/sleep, work/school/band/sleep, sleep/work/band, FREE DAY, wallets, wallets/band, repeat. I'll find time to fit cat videos in there somewhere. 

Here are a few projects I'm working on for 2012/2013. Some are new additions, some have just been absent from my Etsy shop. Enjoy:

Talking Trees book, 1932
 Jello in all forms
Mmm... canned tomato juice 
 Muni Fast Pass wallets
 More love for more of California

 More Hawaii love
 Ode to traveling Luggage Tags
 Seeing Stars book, 1935
Stacks and stacks of wallets to sew.
 New packaging. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No Sew Feb

Halfway through my no sew February and I've gotten so much done in the last 15 days! And sleep, lots of sleep.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Busy November


Meet the Designer-Makers and Eco-friendly Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

Thursday, November 17, 2011

at Green Zebra Environmental Action Center, Crocker Galleria

Complimentary Snacks and Refreshments 11am to 2pm

Meet the Designer-Makers 12 to 1pm

Most of us enjoy giving gifts to friends, family and colleagues during the holiday season, but would love to minimize the environmental footprint of our holiday shopping. Join Julia Lauren Vasic (Editor in Chief of and Designer) and two more of Green Zebra's favorite creative designer-makers-- Heather (me) of Heathered, and Stephanie Bolton of Since Sass-- for some pre-holiday fun! During the event, attendees will save 20% on every item in the Green Zebra Environmental Action Center! Green Zebra will share tips for other places to find terrific eco-friendly gifts, and facilitate an interactive discussion about ways to avoid waste in your holiday gift giving. We'll provide plenty of snacks and refreshments from noon until we run out!

We'll provide some healthy snacks for everyone. We'd appreciate an RSVP to event@greenzebra.orgso we know how much to prepare.